Alexis Stember Coulter

Mom / Maker

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A mysterious young woman takes a tense journey through the city's freezing outskirts in this moody music video for an album cut from Royksopp's instrumental album "Senior."

Alexis Stember Coulter had the opportunity to try her hand at the Canon EOS M6, the Canon EOS Rebel T7i, and the Canon EOS 77D. 

Driving Through America's Southwest by Alexis Stember Coulter. 

Link to Story HERE.

I do love Instagram, and my kids are with me, like, 24-7, so it’s inevitable that they’ll be on there. And honestly, I know it sounds weird, but I look up people all the time on it. Because I find people so interesting, and I’m curious about them. It’s a gateway to meet new people. I think the whole concept of Instagram is really cool.
— Britney Spears (I kid you not).
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IG: @alexisstembercoulter